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Modern technology has changed the way business operation is done with a single tap; information concerning a product is instantly conveyed to a substantial amount of subscribers either locally or internationally. These have been made possible through the use of emails as it offers a cheap and affordable channel to gain a customer base and promote the sale of your company’s products.

Email marketing entails standardized procedures that an organization identifies and strictly follows to achieve its investment return rate goals. This action provides your organization with a direct communication channel with potential customers and relevant prospects for brand promotion.

As a firm, email marketing helps you concentrate on core activities as these services may be subcontracted to third parties to champion for brand promotion. Based on the competitive nature of businesses, if well-utilized, email marketing will save your company a big deal of profit maximization.

Pros and cons of email marketing.

Before embracing email marketing, you must examine the advantages and disadvantages over the other available strategies as it will help you make a compressive decision to outshine your competitors in the industry.


  • Cost-effective –you will incur lower costs as no advertising fees are paid as compared to other forms of marketing.
  • Conversion and increased sales-email links are more comfortable to follow, and if you use it effectively, you can easily influence new customers and encourage purchase.
  • Easier message personalization-you can easily personalize emails to potential clients.
  • Quantifiable – you can appraise the achievement of email promotion utilizing network analytics.
  • Time-saving – emails have automated features that can trigger emails directed to clients established by their actions on the website.
  • Instantaneous promotion – through email marketing, you can associate with clients immediately.
  • Less intrusive – your addressees can read the mail at their own time.
  • Permission-based – emails are sent to specific people only.
  • Fast and convenient– your sent messages are delivered on seconds with instant reply options.


Some of the possible problems of email marketing consist of:    

  • Undelivered emails – if you poorly design emails, they may not be delivered.
  • Restricted design – your message must be deliberated as it should be.
  • Limited Size – files MUST be small enough to download quickly.
  • Substantial Capital and expertise required – for effective email marketing, you must keep the right list.

Features of email marketing.

When you adopt email marketing, there are numerous major email components you should inspect.

  • Advanced list maintenance- it helps you add and remove email subscribers more easily.
  • HTML/Responsive layout- it guarantees to send information in any format.
  • Message automation- it usually allows sending of emails in response to a specific action.
  • Easy integration-it provides more natural links with other systems.
  • Dedicated IP address- is one that only your business uses to send messages
  • CAN-spam compliance- requirements for how subscriptions are managed and message posting behavior and guidelines.

Types of email marketing.

There are numerous email marketing strategies that your organization may choose from based on the available resources and operational requirements among them include;

  • The post-purchase drip– it entails your organization following up on a purchase that has been made.
  • Connect via social media-engaging people on your social media news feeds.
  • Newsletter-providing regular communication with your potential prospects.
  • Seasonal alerts-taking advantage of holidays to promote your brands.
  • Triggered email series-you provide a link that directs customers to a given specific product.

Choosing an email marketing service provider.

Choosing the right email service provider is very crucial to your organization as it guarantees optimal performance .before engaging with any provider you must at first investigate on;

  • Templates- choose one who can create simple and understandable emails with a range of designs and more friendly.
  • Tracking-have a consolidated dashboard with relevant required analytical software.
  • Automation- Make sure your email service provider offers compact workflows to help you program and send automated messages.
  • Mobility –be able to send mails that can be opened by various devices.

Once you have examined these components, then choose a reliable provider depending on;

  Email delivery rates, the budget of engagement as well as customer care services 

 Email marketing pricing.

Expenditures for email marketing can fluctuate significantly depending on the services you need and how you send emails. However, these costs can be reduced by the use of subscription services that allows sending unlimited emails without incurring additional costs.

Email buying tips.

There are no fixed guidelines for effective mass email marketing. However, there are some essential standards you ought to follow;

  • Prepare a quality mailing list.
  • Check and test mailing links before promoting them.
  • Provide brief and direct information about your product.
  • Provide options to send emails in any format.

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