NEW ZKTeco K40 Biometric Fingerprint ID Attendance Terminal and software

Our ZKteco Products includes IP-based standalone access control, networked access control panels, readers and accessories.All the ZKTeco are supplied with all necessary integration tools that are sold differently as per your project needs. We offer installation, support, and integration with custom time attendance and access control programs, SDK’s and technical support to provide our  customers with full solutions
Where to buy ZKTECO Products in Nairobi Kenya 

ZKTeco Time Attendance Software Integration and  Hardware product line

Hubtech offers Time management and Workforce Management solutions and third-party integration with other programs to help companies optimize the productivity of its employees on the individual, departmental, and entity-wide levels.At Hubtech ZKTeco Kenya solutions and products la, we have been at the forefront of time management solutions for the last 5 years, We offer the supply, installation, and integration with advanced biometric technologies with innovative and versatile terminals.

ZKTeco Access control solutions | Fingerprint, Cards, Iris, Vein & Password

  1. Many businesses have challenges in managing and managing access to different areas in a business environment.These challenges can be
  2. Allowing only specific people to access specified areas i.e employees, contract labors such as cleaning crews and temporary users such as a visitor.
  3. Having clear audit reports with Time & Attendance records
  4. Getting Affordable  and  lasting solutions with support

We take no chances with the ZKTeco access control and Time Attendance solutions we offer.  We deliver guaranteed Access Control and Time & Attendance solutions based on client’s specific needs. For all our solutions targeting hotels, companies, homes, and industries among others,  we provide training  and support

Our ZKTeco Installation Solutions include but not limited to:

  1. Pure Standalone Access Control Solutions: Restricts access: Can be achieved through card, pin or biometric readers-Suitable where few users are involved and the concern is basically to restrict access with no need of having reports.
  2. Hybrid Access Control Solutions: Operates as standalone but allows for software-based management. Access by card, pin, finger-print or combinations. Allows for an easier upgrade from standalone to online.
  3. Online time attendance with SMS Notification solutions and  Access Control Feature. Access readers can be linked to door controllers. System management can be through Lan or Internet based on existing infrastructure.
  4. Hotel Locks- to control hotel visitor hotel rooms facilities access and entry management and ensuring security and efficiency in managing guests access to their hotel rooms.

Why ZKTeco Access control/ Time attendance solution

  • ZKTeco Access Control is quite simple and affordable for use at the business environment; a means of managing the access of people and vehicles, where appropriate, to buildings, car parks, vulnerable or sensitive areas, lifts, vending machines, and other electronic equipment.
  • Entry control is also an important factor in the fight against crime, but at a time of economic difficulty and widespread international tension, it is even more important to be security conscious. It is essential that employees and their possession are protected in the workplace and that a company’s efforts in developing a new product, materials or processes are not wasted through industrial espionage or impaired by theft and vandalism.
  • Controlled entry to buildings, blocks of flats and single domestic residences, eighter with or without video surveillance, can provide a real sense of security and peace of mind. Correctly designed installed and operated, a good access control system should provide a balance between security needs and freedom of movement for authorized personnel, enhancing rather than hindering the organization employing it.

ZKTeco Biometrics Solutions:

  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprint
  • Hand punch

Proximity/Keypad/Smart Readers Solutions:

  • Proximity
  • Keypad
  • Mifare
  • Smart Card
  • Wireless locks

RFID Solution:

  • Long range readers
  • Active tags

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