List Of Best Computer Shops In Nairobi

This is a list of the best computer shops in Nairobi. The list focuses on genuine and renowned dealers who offer the best prices for new and refurbished computers and accessories from leading brands in the world.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best computer shops in Nairobi.

1. Nairobi Computer Shop

Nairobi Computer Shop is your one-stop online shop for computers and accessories, providing a wide range of products. It offers free delivery within Nairobi, free customisation, secure payment options, product financing and competitive pricing.

Location: Old Mutual Building, Kimathi Street.

Contact: 0724 139 588.

2. Arctic Computer Shop

They are leading and genuine dealers of desktop computers, laptops, printers, scanners, toners, monitors and general accessories. They do free delivery within Nairobi.

Location: 2nd floor, Kenwood House, Kimathi Street.

Contact: 0722 267 947, 0735 267 947.

3. Devices Technology Store

It is one of the best online computer stores in Kenya selling the best desktop brands such as HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, iMacs, refurbished desktops and other accessories such as hard disks, routers, gaming consoles and many more.

Location: 3rd Floor, Shop 1, Revlon Professional Plaza, Biashara Street.

Contact: 0718 096 560, 0732 011 310.

4. Almiria Techstore

Almiria Techstore is rated at the top among the best computer shops in Nairobi, with express delivery countrywide and a proven track record on variety, best prices, speedy delivery and excellent services.

Location: Old Mutual Building, 2nd Floor, Room 221, Kimathi Street.

Contact: 0700 449 778.

5. Dove Computers

With over 10 years of experience in the provision of computers and computer accessories to single-unit buyers and corporate clients in Kenya, Dove Computers has been able to undertake electronics that best suit your purpose, whether computing gadgets, desktops for your office, printers for your business or networking tools.

Location: Revlon Plaza, Biashara Street, Lower Ground Floor.

Contact: 0726 032 320, 0792 793 349.

6. Bestsella Computers

It is one of Kenya’s most trusted online computer stores, selling new and refurbished computers, laptops and accessories at the best prices.

Location: Rahimtulla Trust Building, 1st Floor, Shop 11.

Contact: 0715 252 969, 0721 671 700.

7. Mombasa Computers

Mombasa Computers has established itself as a leading and trusted computer dealer in both retail and wholesale of brand new and refurbished computers and accessories such as cables, switch boxes, display boxes, HDMI splitters, complete systems and many more.

Location: Moi Avenue, Opposite Veteran House.

Contact: 0792 792 750, 0111 040 400.

8. Saruk Digital Solutions

Saruk is one of the most trusted computer shops in Kenya. It is renowned for selling a wide range of desktop computers at affordable prices.

Location: Old Mutual Building, 2nd Floor, Room 211, Kimathi Street.

Contact: 0708 600 025, 0729 417 694.

9. Globalk Computer Shop

It is a one-stop online computer shop where you will get different brands of desktops, laptops, accessories, iMacs, keyboards, screens, chargers, phones and many other electronics and accessories.

Location: Rahimtulla House, Moi Avenue.

Contact: 0716 916 426.

10. Marksonic Computers

Marksonic Computers are the most established and legitimate computer sellers in Kenya with unbeatable prices in the market. Their products range from brand new and refurbished computers and accessories such as cables, switch boxes, projectors, printers and monitors.

Location: Rahimtulla Trust Building, 1st Floor, Shop 11.

Contact: 0715 252 969, 0721 671 700.

11. Dataworld Systems Kenya

Data World is the leading online shop in Kenya. We are an established Suppliers, Dealers and resellers of Computer Accessories & Peripherals, Computing, Electronics, Networking and Telecom, OFFICE, Power Tools and Electrical and Security. in Kenya, specializing in Trading in a diverse range of products, we stock all your favorite Products.We work closely with our customer to deliver both Technical solutions onsite and at client site. We offer budget friendly prices.

Cell Phone: +254701003086

12. A2Z Africa

A2Z offers good quality computer and electronic shop, networking shop in Nairobi. We have the best prices in office equipment and computers in Nairobi Kenya. We are authorized dealers in quality computer brands like HP, Dell, and Lenovo dealer shop in Nairobi Kenya. We offer warranted and quality HP products at affordable prices in Kenya.

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