Benefits Of VoIP Phone Systems

Does your business still use a landline phone system? Does your business rely on the Internet and high-speed data? You may want to consider upgrading to a VoIP phone system -here’s why.

•    Saves Money
There are many ways VoIP can save you money, with the most obvious being that calls are routed over the Internet. Because you will be using your existing data network, local calls will be free and international calls will cost significantly less than they normally do.

•    Offers Flexibility
You can make nearly any device a VoIP phone by enabling mobile and desktop VoIP applications on smartphones, desktops, and tablets. In-office and especially remote employees will benefit from this as access to a desk phone is not always feasible. Employees on the go can easily and seamlessly transfer their calls between desk phones to smartphones and vice versa.

•    Improves The Customer Experience
For businesses, the customer experience is ever important, and VoIP systems can help to improve that. VoIP phone systems enable businesses to record customer conversations, which can be utilized for various reasons, including employee training, to identify frequently asked questions, understand common issues, and recall previous conversations for more personalized interactions. All of these contribute to a better customer experience overall.

•    Increases Productivity
By implementing a VoIP phone system, call will become more efficient by allowing more than just a verbal discussion. With VoIP, you can take advantage of video calls, easily share documents, and record a conversation as a means of taking notes during a meeting. In addition to this, call quality is much better with VoIP, which means better clarity, less dropped calls and no transmission lag.

•    Access To Advanced Features
Most of us know that landline phone features are rather limited, especially in comparison to VoIP phones. With VoIP, you can conveniently have your voicemails transcribed and delivered to your email. You may also integrate your VoIP system with other software and applications (ex. Salesforce, Office 365, Freshdesk).

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